Stories of Transformation

Software Architect

When one of his clients gave me a free introductory session with Jonny, I was very dubious about the whole concept of life coaching. In that initial session, even over Zoom, Jonny made a connection with me that resonated and served to convince me to give it serious consideration. Through our sessions over several months, Jonny often gave me challenges to contemplate and/or to work on specific goals consistent with my career or personal objectives. Other times life's surprises brought unexpected sessions of deep exploration, a lot of soul searching, and sometimes tears.

Regardless of what we were working on, Jonny exhibited an uncanny ability to tap into exactly what I needed to examine or open up next. He did all this in a challenging but respectful and gentle way that helped encourage me to open up and grow in unexpected ways. Looking back, I can't imagine how I would have gotten through some of those challenges without Jonny's insightful advice and support. I can honestly say that I don't even think of Jonny as my 'life coach' as much as a good friend!

Tony T.

Jonny has been a huge help in my life.  When I first started working with him, I was at a really low point in my life.  Lots of challenges that I was facing.  Working with Jonny, he helped me tap into my power, and helped me become aware of the person inside of me with tremendous strength, who is responsible, driven, and unstoppable!  Jonny has a tremendous caring about him and yet pushed me when I needed it so I could move through the challenging times I was experiencing.

After 1 session with him, I became aware of how I had been showing up in ways that were not serving my success, and that same afternoon, I nailed my interview and got the job I had been hoping for.  Thanks Jonny for pushing me to push me through the tough times.  You just put me in my strength.  I am feeling unstoppable now.

Jonathan M.
Brand Consultant

When I started working with Jonny, I was trying to get a new business off the ground. I was firmly committed to doing hard self-work and exploring new ways to realize my full potential in my work, but I felt stuck. I was caught up in my head, trying to create what I thought were the right solutions, but every time I tried to move forward and actually do something, it felt forced—like taking action was actually disconnecting me from the energy I was trying to bring to what I was doing. I thought I had to choose between coming from my heart or from my head, because those parts of me didn’t seem to be able to work together.

Jonny helped me see that I didn’t have to choose. I was so focused on “doing” something that I was losing sight of how much value there is in just “being” my full self. Jonny helped me find the anchors in my life to realize that I don’t have to try to be something I’m not. Our work together has helped me discover the confidence to trust everything that I am, and to move forward knowing that I have the answers I’ve been looking for.

Lisa M.

I want to thank Jonny Roman for working with me in our coaching sessions. This was my first time working with a coach, as I never had previous experience of coaches (only coaches for athletes, but not for working on yourself emotionally, spiritually, etc.).

During our 90-minute conversations, Jonny created and followed a roadmap of how I would get to the place of accomplishing my goal. At times, we had to take a step back and identify the roadblocks that were keeping me stuck. I lost my job and was sitting in the victim, or “poor me,” role. He acknowledged and honored where I was at, but then pulled me out, little by little, encouraging me to find that amazing person with so much potential hidden in the sorrow that I was feeling for myself. This is not the end of my story, I soon learned, and my job situation was a valuable teaching lesson for me for the next chapter in my life. I am this amazing person who wants to do something amazing, and I just had to dig deep to find that person. 

Jonny gave me homework in between sessions to keep my eye on the prize, so I had work to do!

I am thankful for Jonny’s time, confidence in me (even when I had none for myself), and he held no judgements, only acknowledging where I was and pushing me forward. I will continue to work with Jonny so that I can show off what I’ve accomplished, and what my next steps are in this amazing journey of life! Thank you!

Kayla B.
Account Manager

I sat down with Jonny only one time, for a brief, 30-minute coaching session, and he helped me discover that it was okay to do what’s best for me, instead of others.  As a result of our session, I left my job I had been at for 10 years, and started a new one, where I couldn’t be happier. 

I now have 23.5 paid days of time off I can use to spend for me and my children, so that I can live and pursue my dreams. That revelation of what I needed to do was within me the whole time, but Jonny was the compassionate man, the coach, the friend, the expert who asked the right questions to draw out my own personal answer that was hiding within.  I’m indebted and appreciative to you Jonny!

Luke P.
Health & Wellness Coach

"When I started working with Jonny I was completely lost.  I had just had a big event change where I was in my personal life that spiraled into affecting where I was professionally.  After years of being sure of who I was and where I was going, I felt like a shell of myself.  I had found the woman of my dreams and wanted to be more professionally but felt stuck. 

Jonny helped me calm down and relax.  Honestly his coaching helped me separate past life events from who I am and where I was headed.  Throughout our coaching he was able to help clear that internal mental fog I had created and get "unstuck".  I thoroughly enjoyed our time coaching together and can't thank him enough for his time and patience working with me."

Christina W.
Educator & Empowerment Coach

I was lost, frustrated, tired of attracting narcissistic ***holes (you can plug in another word, lol) I was about to be 40 years old and needed to make massive changes to be happier & more fulfilled in life. Jonny was a huge piece of my transformation. I could not have done what I did this year in all areas of life without him!

His kindness, compassion, value, and consistent intention of being fully present and available to serve my needs was so helpful. He also knew when to push back, and challenge my thinking with compassion and a soft kick in the rear, which I needed badly! I needed someone to hold me accountable and provide the tools to push through to the next level. Jonny helped me release the judgements, and truly love myself again, which I am forever grateful and in his debt. If you are looking to make a real spiritual change in your life, to love yourself without judgement, then Jonny is your answer!

Daniel B.
Business Consultant

When I first started coaching with Jonny, I was a bit hesitant.  I had worked with several other coaches in the past and it never seemed to fit for me. Whilst I had some success, I never managed to create the real results I was after and I never felt fully connected to my previous coaches.  

Coaching with Jonny was very different as he provided me with a safe environment where I could explore absolutely anything that was needed to move forward. Not only did he help me understand my existing patterns of behavior, he also helped process the blocks standing in the way of what I wanted. 

Before working with Jonny I felt stuck and unfulfilled in my romantic relationships and in my career. Working with Jonny allowed me to recognize and enter into the best, most loving, communicative and honest relationship I have ever had, AND, he has also provided me with the tools to continue growing this relationship. In addition to this, my existing employment transformed – In the last six months I was promoted, I received two increases in salary,a cash bonus and I have been able to structure my work days to incorporate more time for my passion of creating art and painting.

I have heard it said many times that if you want to get different results, you need to do something differently. For me, coaching with Jonny was the key to doing things differently. Jonny has a sincere ability to provide a mix of compassion, acceptance, and a completely non-judgmental environment, whilst also keeping you focused on moving forward and stretching your boundaries to create real results.  I highly recommend Jonny, he is brilliant, trustworthy, whole-hearted, highly supportive and always leading by example in his learning and growth. I love working with Jonny and I highly recommend him if you are serious about getting what you want in life.

Bevan H.
Holistic Healer

I have had the opportunity to work with Jonny on several occasions.  He has provided me with ongoing support.  His compassion and intuition, coupled with his superb questions and listening skills has made our time together highly productive.  He was able to guide me to the solutions for several personal challenges.